Vienna BEAMers

Vienna BEAMers is the in person meetup and study group for people interested and/or coding in Elixir and Phoenix. We meet every two weeks at Stefan’s place: Vorgartenstraße 145/2/3, 1020 Wien

The next meetups are

  • #43 July 11th 2018
  • #44 July 25th 2018
  • #45 August 8th 2018

each starting at 18:00 and lasting until 21:00 at most.

There are no prerequesites besides showing up with a notebook and some interest in one of the languages, that run on the BEAM. We have also enthusiasts for Erlang, Lisp-Flavoured Erlang & Joxa within our group.

We try to be nice to each other and follow the Berlin Code of Conduct.

Send a short note to to tell him, that you will show up and he will provide you with direction details. - It’s quite tricky to find his flat, even now that you know the address.

Where does the name Vienna BEAMers come from?

BEAM is the name of the Erlang virtual machine, on which Elixir is running, and we are an in person meetup in Vienna, Austria.

The name was invented by Dave @dch__, who has run a meetup group with this name for years and is the human being behind @viennaBEAMers.

Dave is probably the most experienced developer in our group - ask him a question, and he will be happy to prove it :-)

Can I join in remotely?

Though it is just half the fun, you can join in on the IRC channel Vienna BEAMers.

If your browser does not support irc links, that is #viennabeamers on freenode
In case you don’t have an IRC client installed, you can use Freenode’s Web Chat.

We will be there at least during the study group hours (see above).